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The 7 Day Detox Kit
The Detox Kit               

Are you Toxic?

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Body Detox

 Why Would You Consider a
Total Body Detox?

Having had hundreds of patients complete a body detox using The Detox Kit body cleansing program, we have seen incredible improvements in their health, well-being, and quality of life. In one week, people experienced noticeable benefits to their digestion, energy levels, skin clarity, mental clarity, and began to loose weight. Because this seven day body detox program shows you clearly and concisely how to eat and plan your daily meals and snacks to effectively detox your body, you will learn how to maintain your results easily and effectively in your daily life, with no shakes or bars to be dependent on.

That is why we are so excited to offer this body detox program directly to you in your home. While there are a variety of body detox programs available on the market, most fall short of actually achieving total body cleansing. The Detox Kit program is competitively priced for what it offers and delivers. That is why this body detox system comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have done the research on available products and solutions and believe The Detox Kit total body cleansing program to be the best product available on the market to achieve a total body detox and RESTORE your health in 7 days.

Does it seem like you are tired more than usual, you are not able to focus clearly, or your endurance is low? Maybe you are experiencing some or many of the symptoms that indicate your body is overflowing with toxins? Could a total body detox help get you back on track? If so, how does body cleansing work?

Think of your body as a glass and all of the toxins you come into contact with daily as water. These toxins may include prescription medications, factory pollutants, cleaning products, car exhaust, pesticides, processed foods - the list is endless. Each time we are exposed to something, the water level in our glass gets higher. Eventually the water level will reach the top of the glass and the water will begin to spill. Our body has no more room to store the toxins we encounter and now they are overflowing such that everything we are exposed to creates a symptom like those listed above. It only makes sense that if we begin to lower the water level in the glass, the water will stop overflowing. This is the idea behind total body detox- lowering your total toxic load so that your symptoms improve and you begin to feel rejuventated and like "your old self" again.

Your body eliminates toxins through the liver, intestines and colon, kidneys, lungs, and skin. By doing a total body detox, you are focusing all of these organs at the same time, maximizing your body cleansing process.


Detox Your Body in 3 Steps:

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